The Quantum Revolution

English short synopsis

In 1911 the rich and progressive industrialist Ernest Solvay called the first solvay council together in Hotel Métropole, Brussels, Belgium. From all over the world, a select group of top scientists came to Brussels to debate about problems within their field. The Solvay Councils have played a crucial role in the development of modern physics in general and quantum physics in particular. More than 100 years later the Solvay councils are still being organized.
The Quantum Revolution is not only an understandable introduction to the fascinating world of quantum physics , but also gives a unique perspective on the history of this most intriguing scientific field and its impact on the world today.

Belgium, 1h17, available subtitles: French, Dutch, English, Russian.


About the director

Vincent Langouche studied film studies at RITCS, School or Arts in Brussels, followed by a master in physics at the University of Leuven. Next to directing the film, he co-wrote the script and did draw all the animations.


Festival selections

  • Theatrical run in Belgian cinemas
  • 360° Science & Technolgy Festival, Moscow 2016
  • Sciences Réunion, centre de culture scientifque technique & industrielle, 2017
  • CHPDOX, 2017


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